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    I have thought for a few years now about starting my own baking business, since October 2014 to be precise...my son's 1st birthday, when I had to provide a birthday cake for him for the first time with dietary needs. When he was born he was diagnosed with cows milk protein allergy and egg allergy. So this was my first challenge to make a vegan cake, it went surprisingly well!

  • Then in January 2015 my daughter was born, 2 weeks after birth I noticed the past playing over again. She has the same allergies. So for years I've made their birthday cakes and every time I would get told by family and friends I should be doing this as a career. I never did anything about it...then in April 2016, there was an incident with my son where someone gave him cows milk, I picked him up, we rushed to hospital and the rest was horrific blur. So we instantly removed all dairy products and eggs form the house going full vegan including meat/fish in November 2016.

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